Killarney 2014 - 07
Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario, October 2014

We’re David and Janet.  We are pretty passionate (and maybe somewhat obsessive) about the things we love.

We love being outdoors, be it day hiking, back country trekking, canoeing or throwing ourselves down a mountain. That’s just how we role.

Eating whole, local, organic, pasture-fed ethical food is important to us.  We don’t eat grains or legumes and we stay away from processed and industrial foods. Some people call this paleo or primal eating, but we just call it common sense.

It’s been hard to find prepared food for camping and hiking that fits with our diet. In fact, it’s been hard to find back country RECIPES at all that aren’t filled with grains and legumes. So we went ahead and figured it out ourselves. And that’s where this blog comes in.

Here you’ll find recipes for light, portable, non-perishable food for short or long treks that doesn’t contain grains (except rice, which we do eat from time to time), legumes, seed oils or refined sugar. Most of the recipes don’t contain dairy, either.

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4 Replies to “About”

  1. Awesome site guys! I fully agree with your food choices. I am very lucky in that one of my friends owns an all natural farm and I buy all our meat and some summer veggies from them. I like to feed my family real food instead of the processed crap but have trouble breaking the flour and sugar foods out of our lives. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Kelly, thanks for checking out our site.

      Kicking the sugar habit was harder for us than the grain habit. Taking breads and pastas out of the dinner rotation didn’t take long, although breakfast was a little harder. Once our taste buds reset, for lack of a better word, we couldn’t stand eating processed food, which made it easier.

      Please keep stopping by and let us know what you think of the recipes. Cheers!

      David and Janet

  2. Awesome when I get my dehydrater I will be putting together full meals for the jmt.. This will definitely be a resource.. I love the fact you put healthy food in here…

    1. Well thank you very much. We’ve been trying a few new themes and getting our Facebook page ready for 2015 so we’ve been light on content recently. Please check back in the new year.

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